Mechanic dies while checking faults in customer’s car

Carl Greenaway is thought to have lost control of the vehicle during a test drive

Mechanic dies while checking faults in customer’s car
The Lotus Elise was to be sold on before the tragic accident.

Mechanic Carl Greenaway was pronounced dead at the scene of a collision, after losing control of a customer’s Lotus Elise, on June 7, reports the Warrington Guardian.

The 36-year-old was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the road traffic accident, leading to his death.

Collision investigator PC John Edwards commented: “There were no faults found in the vehicle that could have contributed to the collision, harsh acceleration from the roundabout enabled him to reach 70mph.

“Once the Lotus started to rotate it would have been very difficult, or impossible, for Mr Greenaway to regain control.”

Customer Stuart Griffin had taken his car to Carl, who had been his family mechanic for over ten years, due to an issue with the Lotus that he had intended to sell in the future.

Carl’s father, Barry, said: “As he was growing up he used to work with me on cars, I did it as more of a hobby.

“He used to go rally driving and he liked that. He was quite a good driver.”

Coroner Claire Welch confirmed the medical cause of death as multiple injuries.

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