Mechanic spared jail despite “sustained and frightening attack” on boss

Employee went 'berserk' attacking employer and causing damage to customer vehicles

Mechanic spared jail despite “sustained and frightening attack” on boss
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A mechanic has been spared jail after admitting a brutal attack on his employer, the Leader Live has reported.

Steven John McDonagh pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, assault and causing criminal damage.

Nicholas Williams, prosecuting, told the court how on November 20 of last year McDonagh was involved in an incident at DPL Autos in Chester where he worked on a ‘casual basis’.

Prior to the incident, McDonagh failed to show up for work on a number of occasions, claiming he was unwell.

On the day before the assault McDonagh sent a message to his boss on asking if he should return to work but was told there was no work available.

On November 20, McDonagh arrived at the garage and drove into the yard erratically claiming to his boss that police officers were following him.

After questioning his agitated state, McDonagh became aggressive towards his boss and punched him several times across his head and body.

Punches and kicks

A blow to the back of his legs brought McDonagh’s victim to the ground where further punches and kicks were dealt.

A neighbour alerted the police to the incident after McDonagh used his boss’ car to damage his own.

He also caused damage on two customer vehicles which were being worked on.

Before making his escape, McDonagh’s victim saw him speeding towards him in his car but leapt out of the way into nearby brambles before seeking safety in a house near the garage owned by the person who called the police for help.

Officers had to negotiate with McDonagh for around 45 minutes before he was arrested.

Gareth Roberts, defence counsel, told the court how McDonagh was a man of previous good character who had no former convictions to his name for violence.

Episode of psychosis

He said McDonagh was suffering from an episode of psychosis at the time of the offence – which was later diagnosed as functioning schizophrenia and is being worked with by the community mental health team.

It is acknowledged that he acted out of character and accepts that he needs this help.

Judge Niclas Parry told McDonagh: “You chased him around his place of work, you punched him repeatedly to the head and body with forceful blows and you proceeded to kick him repeatedly.

“Even when a fellow employee who was trying to help him, but also you, intervened your attack continued.

“He genuinely believed you were going to kill him

“You were described as having gone berserk and you caused significant criminal damage to several vehicles.

“You even resorted to using your own vehicle to drive towards your victim causing him to jump out of the way.

“He genuinely believed you were going to kill him.”

He said the grave impact this incident had on the victim’s mental wellbeing could not be ignored as it resulted in him closing his business.

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Steven John McDonagh appeared before Mold Crown Court via a video link to receive his sentence.

McDonagh, who had been remanded in custody for several months throughout the proceedings, was handed a sentence of 21 months suspended for two years.

He was also told that a restraining order was in place to prohibit him from being near or contacting his victim.

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    wow !!! find this hard to believe that the person hasn’t been jailed
    mental health problem or not his crime / actions are totally unacceptable
    now we all can have a bad day but come on assault, vandalism, driving at him in a car (attempted murder???)
    not acceptable for him to be given just a suspended sentence

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