Millions driving with faulty headlights, poll finds

Number of vehicles with defective or faulty headlights is road safety risk, researchers warn

Millions driving with faulty headlights, poll finds

Over four million drivers are driving with defective or faulty headlights, according to a new poll.

The Halfords study revealed that 12 per cent of motorists polled had driven with broken or damaged headlights, with seven revealing they had never checked their headlights at all.

Belfast was the most dangerous area in the country, with 24 of vehicles surveyed found to have ineffective headlights.

Norwich had the lowest, with just of vehicles having headlamp issues.

Headlight glare is getting worse, say drivers

In June, research from the RAC found drivers believe headlights are becoming too bright, dazzling motorists and blinding oncoming traffic.

The report found 91 per cent of drivers believe headlights can be too bright, with 54 per cent saying this has got worse since last year.

The data showed 70 per cent of motorists believe dazzling headlights represent an accident risk to fellow drivers.

Government data shows there are an estimated 300 accidents every year where dazzling headlights are a factor.

RAC spokesman, Rod Dennis said: “The dazzling effect of another driver’s headlights isn’t just uncomfortable – in some cases it can be nothing short of dangerous, making us lose sight of the road for a short time.

“So it’s concerning to see that a greater proportion of drivers have reported problems with glare this year than last year.”

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    Lee Heywood.

    Interesting that halfords get mentioned in this article as is well known it the trade that halfords employees more often than not fit bulbs incorrectly. Most of the headlamp alignment issues the we see at our test centre are either owner fitted or halfords fitted bulbs.

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    Ken Ashton

    We have a customer that took his car to a Renault dealer for a service and it came back with a note on the invoice that a headlamp was not working ( Quote – fitting a bulb is not part of the service !!!) so he bought a bulb from us and fitted it incorrectly and subsequently at mot time we failed it . Refitted it for him and he went away a happy customer .

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    Phil Cake

    Lee, you are so right, we have shed loads that are incorrectly fitted causing incorrect aim. When we contact the owner their reply is “i had it fitted at halfrods”, oops f and r keys close together.

    The amount of cars coming towards me with one light straight in my eye is probably 1 in 5.Owners should leave to us professionals to get it right first time

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