Revealed: Modern classics that could soon disappear from our roads altogether

Remember these: Morris Ital, Vauxhall Chevette and Ford Sierra among cars that face "extinction"

Revealed: Modern classics that could soon disappear from our roads altogether
Just 32 Morris Ital vehicles are currently registered compared to over 17,7000 that we registered during 1994.

New research conducted has revealed which cars are in danger of disappearing from UK roads.

Analysing vehicle licensing statistics from the Department of Transport between 1994 and the end of 2017, car leasing specialist, UK Carline found that just 32 Morris Ital vehicles were currently registered, making it one of the rarest cars in the UK.

The Austin Allegro and Vauxhall Chevette closely followed with less than 200 registrations compared to the 56,000 and 33,000 registrations respectively during 1994.

Another car outlined for extinction was the Ford Sierra which dropped by a notable 99 per cent and while the number of Ford Cortinas currently registered came in at 3,500 – a 97 per cent dip.

Other vehicles highlighted as likely to disappear from UK roads soon included the Vauxhall Vectra, where registrations have dropped by 73 per cent, the Ford Mondeo which has seen it’s popularity halve over the years and the Ford KA where registrations have fell from 440,000 to 273,000 in the last decade.

UK Carline general manager Jonathan Nolan commented: “It’s disappointing to see that many once loved cars are seeing their numbers dwindle, and some are even in danger of disappearing from our roads completely.

“We hope our research raises awareness of the models in danger, and helps to keep them driving in the UK for a few extra years.”

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