Motorist caught driving with feet on dashboard

Officers took photos of the driver in the third lane of the M5

Motorist caught driving with feet on dashboard
A driver was caught with their feet on the dashboard travelling along the M5.

Police are used to stopping drivers for disobeying the speed limits but Devon and Cornwall road cops were more taken aback by a driver they snapped in the outside lane of the M5 with his feet up on the dashboard.

The black Nissan Navara was snapped by officers, while the driver of the vehicle seemed unaware of the police presence around them.

An aghast officer from the joint county Roads Policing Team posted images of the driver on Twitter, referencing lyrics by rock band Pink Floyd: “In all my years of policing I have never seen before, Someone more deserving the full penalty of law.”

The images appear to show both of the motorist’s bare feet touching the windscreen, ahead of the steering wheel.

Other Twitter users branded the driver “stupid”, “ridiculous” and “dangerous”.

It has yet to be confirmed whether the driver was arrested or formally charged with any offence.

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