Onlookers queue to snap wedged Mercedes

Driver of the Mercedes-Benz C220 has been held under suspicion of drink-driving

Onlookers queue to snap wedged Mercedes
Onlookers queued to take photographs of the unfortunate vehicle. Image: Twitter/@victoriajonespa

A man has been arrested for drink-driving after a Mercedes-Benz C220 crashed into the Fountain House serviced apartment block in London, reports The Guardian.

A spokesperson for Scotland Yard said: “The driver of the car didn’t require hospital treatment.

Image: Twitter/@victoriajonespa.

“He was arrested on suspicion of drink-drive offences [and] taken into custody at a south-west London police station.”

The manager of the apartment block, situated on Lancaster Terrace, has said she is glad the driver is unharmed.

Curious onlookers were quick to pull out their smart phones to snap the awkward angle of the wedged vehicle.

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