Peugeot driver left bewildered as dealership is unable to determine cause of faults

Dave Shandley claims technicians were unable to fix faults unless "computer tells them how to"

Peugeot driver left bewildered as dealership is unable to determine cause of faults
Peugeot owner took matters into his own hands and bought a computer to delete fault codes. Image: Bigstock.

Dave Shandley of Stockport, Cheshire was forced to buy his own computer to erase faulty codes in his 2013 Peugeot RCZ after dealership were unable to determine cause, reports Carbuyer.

The problem had started when the RCZ kept failing after refuelling, prompting Dave to contact the AA, who found two fault codes which were both linked to a misfire in the car’s cylinders.

The AA erased the error codes and the RCZ ran fine until the engine failed again and even after a week of diagnostic tests, JJ Cookson Peugeot in Stockport were unable to determine the cause of the problem.

“It seems that if the computer doesn’t tell them how to fix the problem, they’re unable to work out the problem for themselves,” said Dave.

“What they are looking at are the fault codes, not what is causing the fault codes to arise.”

Into his own hands

Since visiting the dealer, Dave has bought his own computer to erase the codes to avoid calling the AA, due to his engine failing a further six times with no permanent fix being offered.

A spokesperson for Peugeot said: “The temporary fix of erasing the fault codes meant that the fault was not present whenever Dave took his car in, and the technicians were therefore unable to provide a permanent fix.

“Peugeot is committed to ensuring any potential manufacturing fault is rectified.”

The spokesperson invited Dave back to his local dealer for further tests before adding: “Once the investigation has taken place and the fault identified, we’ll be happy to work with the dealership to reach a, hopefully, favourable resolution.”

Dave has booked his car in for further investigations.

Have you experienced a similar situation with the 2013 Peugeot RCZ? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Hi,I have a 2012 508 SW HDI ALLURE, my problem started with the start button,I had to press the button several times (6 or as many as 20 ) before the starter would engage,I went to ROBINS & DAY in Leicester and asked for a start button relay ,I was told that I don’t want one and they would do a diagnostic check , they could not find the fault,after several more visits and having a new fuse box,and other parts and checks done ,the problem was still there. having spent hundreds of pounds,I was going to get rid of the car but decided to try one more with R & D, this time the chap that had been doing the work on my car before was not available,so they gave the task to another chap,he said he could not do a full check as there was a rely stuck and would not allow him to complete the check,but he thought a module located near the battery might help,I agreed to have this changed,after changing this module everything worked perfectly,I asked the chap if this was the start button relay,and it was, why don’t they listen to customers,I was about 6 or 7 hundred pounds out of pocket,let alone loss of work.It will be a long them before I visit R&D again,I love my car and look after it,but I have doubts about my next car being a Peugeot,

  2. Personally I wouldn’t own a peugeot or citroen if it was givin to me for free don’t like them they try to build them to advanced without the quality to back it up so you just end up with a heap of problems

  3. sounds like a moaning customer has not had the problem fixed straight away.
    yep lets pick on the garage.
    Daves has his own computer now, good Dave knows best.

  4. my 2013 rcz is at a dealership or one month now, they are unable to find the fault. there is a boost pressure problem


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