Police pepper spray Kwik Fit technician

Court told mechanic would lose his job if faced with prison following domestic incident

Police pepper spray Kwik Fit technician
The Kwik Fit technician avoided a prison sentence after the court was told he could lose his job.

Police officers pepper-sprayed a Kwik Fit technician to stop him grabbing a pint of milk while responding to a domestic incident.

Paul Whitehead was handcuffed and initially compliant with police but became violent when he was stopped from picking up a pint of milk and threatened the officers.

Prosecutor, Kelly Cyples told Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court: “One of the officers used PAVA spray and the defendant said ‘come on, I’ll take all three of you’.

“When interviewed he stated officers said he was being aggressive as they tried to get him through a space they wouldn’t all fit through.”

The court heard how the Kwik Fit technician faced losing his job if he had been jailed.

Recorder Julian Taylor said: “This is a concerning pattern of behaviour.

“There was a struggle with police and you were sprayed.

“Because you did co-operate originally I have decided it is not in anyone’s interest for you to go to prison, but you came close.”

Whitehead must now pay £200 costs.

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    jim walker

    question, if you were a garage owner or proprietor would you want somebody working for you who has no respect for the law and authority, who cannot control their temper in difficult situations and reverts to violence, verbal or physical, I wouldn’t !!! He’s just a fool and deserves all he gets.

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    Nigel Tye

    A bit sensationalist for Garage Wire to be reporting this as it has no connection whatsoever to the Motor trade!

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    Hi Nigel, thanks for your comment. This story was ran as an ‘off-beat’ piece on GW in today’s news bulletin as the incident involved a fast-fit technician who escaped a prison sentence, in part because he would have lost his job. I appreciate your comment though as we’re always keen to get the news balance right for our readers. Thanks again, Mike.

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    Peter Miles

    Um, isn’t obvious that if he had gone to prison he would lose his job? Unless the rules have got so lax that he would be allowed out to go to work every day, as long as he came back afterwards!
    Other than that though if I was unfortunate enough to be employing him I would sack him anyway. You can’t really have someone like this working on cars and dealing with customers.

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    Nigel Tye

    Jim, I am a garage owner and MOT testing authorised examiner/tester, my point was that this was a domestic incident & not connected to the motor trade at all. If one of my employees was sent to prison, then yes I could not continue his/her employment. But without knowing the full circumstances I felt that this should not have been reported in the Motor trade press. Thank you to the editor for his comments.

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