Police warn woman not to move stranger’s car from her drive

Outraged resident told she could be charged with criminal damage for taking law into own hands

Police warn woman not to move stranger’s car from her drive
Image: Facebook / Natalie Robbins.

Natalie Robbins was warned by Humberside Police not to try and move a stranger’s car that was blocking the driveway outside her house, going so far to tell her “sorry, the law’s not on your side.”

While she was told she could move the car, she was told that the driver’s rights came above hers and that she could be charged with criminal damage if she took the law into her own hands.

While it is not a criminal offence for someone parking on your driveway without consent, however it could be classed as trespassing which is a civil offence meaning police do not have the power to make an arrest.

Posting on Facebook, Ms Robbins pleaded: “Does anybody know whose car this is?

“It’s been parked on my drive since last night.

“Police have been notified.”

Facebook users were quick to offer suggestions from blocking the car in so that it couldn’t move, while others questioned who would have the nerve to park on a stranger’s driveway and some people even offered to help move or clamp the car, which had mysteriously appeared on Friday.

“As the land is privately owned it would usually be up to the landowner to arrange for the vehicle to be removed,” commented a spokesman for North East Lincolnshire Council.

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