Shock as 21-year-old mechanic dies while trying to remove engine

Man suffered cardiac arrest after the jack holding the vehicle he was working on failed

Shock as 21-year-old mechanic dies while trying to remove engine
Sad loss came as a shock to friends and family. Image: Bigstock.

A 21-year-old man lost his life while attempting to remove the engine from a BMW, police have confirmed.

The BMW fell onto the man’s chest, leaving him pinned underneath the vehicle after the jack which had been supporting it failed.

The young man was still alive but had a suspected broken back when emergency services arrived.

He later died at the scene in Halisham, East Sussex.

Police say they are not treating the death of the man as suspicious but added that an inquest would be held by the East Sussex coroner.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “A 21-year-old man from Pevensey Bay sadly died while trying to remove an engine from a BMW car.


“A jack used to support the vehicle collapsed, trapping the man beneath it.

“Emergency services, including an air ambulance, attended the incident at Downash, near Hailsham, shortly before 6pm but were unable to save him.

“There were no suspicious circumstances.

“The coroner for East Sussex has been informed.”

Axle stands

Posting a picture of an axle stand to ‘mechanics bodge jobs UK’ on Facebook, Jon Ross Evenden said: “Guys please share ad always use these.

“I’ve just had a phone call and been told that a friend of mine was working under a car tonight and he was pretty much sat up right and the jack failed.

“He’s dead.

“This is not a joke, it’s really happened.”

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    Rooger Meadows

    The 1st thing you ware told never work under a vehicle with out an axle stand that was 45 year ago

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    Gary bowden

    So sad ? we’re all guilty of not using stands at one point in our life but it shows it dose only take that one time and that bad judgment and it can all go horribly wrong

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    I agree with the previous comment. We have all done it , though with a weather eye on what would happen if the jack slipped. I personally own two trolley jacks. Both by the same manufacturer. The oldest has never failed, you jack it up and it would stay up for days. The other won’t stay up for half an hour. The latter has certainly taught me to use axle stands, no matter what or how quick the job is.

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