Tester accused of issuing 66 pass certificates without inspecting a vehicle

MOT tester released on bail having allegedly pocketed up to £10,000

Tester accused of issuing 66 pass certificates without inspecting a vehicle
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An MOT tester allegedly passed more than 60 cars’ MOTs without any inspection.

Harry Purdie, from Tonbridge, may have pocketed up to £10,000 by passing the vehicles, magistrates has heard.

Between February and April 2018 Purdie allegedly issued 66 MOT certificates in Sittingbourne garage T5 R Us’ name.

The 23-year-old had previously spent a month working at the garage, before he was dismissed.

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Barney Nickalls, prosecuting, alleged Purdie made the certificates “for personal financial gain and loss to the garage”.

He added: “If you’re not inspecting the vehicles you could potentially have a number of vehicles on the road that are dangerous and may cause significant injury to members of the public.”

A hearing at Medway Magistrates’ Court heard the allegations would have cost the garage’s owner, Paul Reader, loss of earnings at around £150 per MOT.

The defence for Purdie, from Hectorage Road, Tonbridge, made no submissions and Purdie withheld his plea.

He was released on bail to appear at Maidstone Crown Court on October 15.

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    Peter Miles

    A serious crime which could potentially have killed someone, which obviously doesn’t matter to the man doing the fake tests or the vehicle owners!
    But I don’t see how they work the financial loss to his employer out at £150 per MOT.

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    you would think he would get the jail but you know hes going too get a fine and a suspended sentance it will again send out all the wrong messages that if you do this you will a very light fine and no jail time these cars could be death traps ie sertain travellers vans we have all had them in death traps on wheels

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    Richard Guest

    A loss of £150 per test? That would suggest that every vehicle that comes in has a minimum target applied to it which, in turn,, may suggest that impartial tests are being carried out on vehicles.
    It’s not a good situation all round, it’s hard enough justifying the cost of an MOT to customers without idiots like this pulling flankers

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    Colin Baker

    Who is checking the amount of tickets issued to mots charged for ????

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    I’f the garage owner had appointed an AEC the risk of this would have been a lot less. The question here is why didn’t the garage owner reconcile test slots and carry out QCs?

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    Anthony Roe

    The Mot Sceme is basically a waste of time when you have idiots like the fast fit centres advertising mots for £20 online how can you compete with that then then slap the customers arse for work that is not needed i see it every day of the week and we all get tared with the same brush , how can a labourer on a building site earm more than a fully trained technician, how much extra costs have been put on garages in the last two years , paper, printers , ink more things on the car to check the list goes on and on yet no pay rise on the mot sheme so while technicians are earning crap wages the tempation will be there because after all money is the reason they are tempted, it will never happen in my garage as we qc regulerly plus we moniter what is being tested its a family run business 6 staff and we struggle to pay our overheads and there will be plenty of people that now what i am talking about ,somebody needs to look at our rising costs and give us the payrise we need and stop people using the mot sheme as a loss leader and passing cars that shouldent pass and failing what should pass, more vosa staff are needed that turn up with no warning when they will be there, so they get caught and get rid of the rougues in the business simple as that, cuts are being made in the wrong areas anything with wheels is a killing machine, so why make cuts in the first place safe money and cut the fat cats pay at the top that do not even get their hands dirty, they do not even now what a hard days work is.

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    Paul Johnson

    Update on Harry Purdie’s sentence, in March 2020 at Maidstone Crown Court Harry Purdie was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, not a suspended sentence in sight, at least this judge realised the seriousness of his offences.

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