Thousands of dangerous cars on the roads this Christmas, DVSA stats suggest

50,000 cars which were tested late in December 2018 failed as a result of a dangerous defect

Thousands of dangerous cars on the roads this Christmas, DVSA stats suggest
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Drivers are being urged to check their vehicles before taking to the roads this Christmas, as figures show almost 50,000 cars that were late for their MOT test last December were classified as dangerous.

DVSA statistics reveal that in December 2018 of the 1.5 million cars tested, 385,859 had a late MOT and were driven illegally.

Of those that were tested late, 49,588 then failed as a result of a dangerous defect.

With up to three million extra car journeys each day in the lead up to Christmas, the DVSA is urging drivers to carry out five simple road safety checks on tyres, lights, brakes and windscreens and make sure the car has an up to date MOT.

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Chris Price, DVSA’s head of MOT policy, said: “It’s easy to forget your car’s MOT amid the hustle and bustle and seasonal cheer, but making sure your car is safe before you set off is crucial.

“Carrying out five simple checks and making sure your car has a valid MOT will help you and your family have a happy Christmas and will help us keep everyone safe on Britain’s roads.”

The figures show that of all vehicles late for an MOT, three quarters were because car owners forgot it was due.

The DVSA has also highlighted its free MOT reminder service and MOT history service in a bid to ensure drivers book their MOT on time.

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    prof h

    How does the government Monitor the safety of the tens of thousands of foreign cars driven here by migrants that Don’t register within 6 months of being here.

    they have no mot, no insurance and many have major defects to include tyres

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    Unfortunately you’re preaching to the converted here. We in the trade know that cars need more servicing and that more & more drivers are driving around in unsafe and non-MOT’s cars, but from my experience they don’t seem bothered/dont understand how seriously dangerous this is. Not just for the drivers themselves but for everyone sharing the roads with them, and that includes all of us. Somehow the public needs to be educated so that they do understand the dire consequences of this, but if we try to do this, it will just be dismissed as us plying for business, to give m’The Motor Trade’ another opportunity to rip the public off. It needs to come directly from VOSA. (And to think ant every now and again some idiot MP thinks it would be a good idea to extend the MOT Test frequency from one year to two!)

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    Philip Dunmore

    What’s needed here is a little more enforcement. No one will ever convince some people that vehicle maintenance is good idea. Even if it is made compulsory, bottom feeders will cater for minimum legal requirements.
    If there was a realistic prospect of being caught and fined without an MOT, drivers would pay more attention. An additional idea would be enforced six month test for any vehicle with previous dangerous failure.

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