Thug faces prison after attacking 17-year-old apprentice over tyre problem

Teenager repeatedly punched, kicked and stamped while garage owner was also hit by second attacker

Thug faces prison after attacking 17-year-old apprentice over tyre problem
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A 26-year-old man who launched a ferocious attack on a teenage apprentice at a garage in Brighouse, West Yorkshire has been jailed for 18 months.

Liam Lalu had “seen red” when he was told about a problem with a tyre which had been fitted to a wheel of his partner’s car earlier that day.

Bradford Crown Court heard that Lalu and another man turned up at the garage premises in a van and he immediately demanded to know who had fitted the tyre.

After the 17-year-old apprentice said it was him, Lalu began punching him to the face before headbutting him.

He was hit more than ten times before Lalu, who was wearing his work boots, kicked his legs from under him and began stamping on the teenager’s arms.

When the garage owner intervened Lalu and the other man turned their attention to him and he was also punched.

Prosecutor Paul Nicholson said the teenager’s injuries included bruising to his ribs and a broken left forearm.

Guilty plea

Lalu pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm to the teenage apprentice and assaulting the garage owner.

Barrister Ian Hudson, for Lalu, said his client was not a man of violence, but at the time of the incident he was suffering from stress related to his work and his relationship.

The Recorder of Bradford Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC said Lalu had gone to garage after the red mist had descended.

A minute may not sound like a long time, but this was, I am satisfied, a sustained outpouring of anger and violence,” the judge told Lalu.

“This court doesn’t know what got into you.

“Please think before you act next time.”

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    anthony roe

    what a joke poor lad a apprentice as well trying to learn and do his job it was probably a directional tyre and he has put it on the wrong way round but was not given the chance to put itr right

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    mark ashton

    Well said.

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    jim walker

    attempted murder ? attackers should go to prison for a minimum of 5 years, one kick in the wrong place could have killed the lad, it’s not the result that matters it’s the possibility of what might have happen’d and the intention that counts. the attackers are clear and present danger to the public. jail em

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    Peter Miles

    I like the way his defence said “he is not a man of violence”. Yes, he obviously is! And don’t give me that stress made him do it rubbish. Do the rest of us never get stressed?
    You ask if this sort of thing has happened to anybody else. Only twice in my case. Once I ran at the man and he ran off. The other time I did get pushed about a bit but no worse, mostly because a very large friend turned up at just the right time! I also had a hammer in my hand then (as I was using it when he burst in) and the Police told me that I was very lucky I hadn’t used it to defend myself.

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    Totally disgusted at the judges decision here,
    These so called judges are so out of touch with the real world.
    This was a pre meditated attack on a young lad.
    This should carry a much stronger sentence.
    18 months, so half the time if paroled 9 months
    And 2/3rds for earliest date of release.
    No message to the public. Disgusting.

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    It was premeditated violence surely? Lalu went to the garage full of rage wanting revenge. If the tyre fitter had been female would he have still hit her? If the victim had been older or with a weak heart it could have killed them.
    I’m glad Lalu was jailed.

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    Are we surprised that the system doesn’t work. I’m not. The man showed intent had an accomplice to watch his back and give help, 18 months is a joke he’ll be out in 9 months. The lad and his boss will carry mental scars for a lot longer than that. Yes I speak from experience I had a vehicle removed from my premises under threat of violence from the owner and two thugs with him. It was reported to the police by a third party who wondered what all the shouting was about. The guy was apprehended and 2 weeks before it was to go to court CPS let him off with a warning/bound over because he admitted it. I never got my nearly £3000 and have nightmares about the guy coming back. . . . system what system it’s a ####ing joke.

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    mohammed ayub

    i am not surprised with the judges decision
    most of them are not from this world just like the politicians as we know
    and as for lalu
    i hope u do that to someone who is faster and better at fight and shows u how to get angry
    people like him should be shot in head
    not kept on tax payers money
    what a 2 year holiday in prison how is that justice

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    Julie fisher

    This 17 year old apprentice was my son , lalu asked for a part worn tyre of which cost £10.00 .. my sons boss passed him the tyre to be fitted and then checked it before leaving the garage! this is a chance you take with a part worn/ second hand tyre , unfortunately then the tyre had a blow out of which could of happened at any time ! 9 months in prison is nothing compared to the anxiety and scars left for my son !

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