WATCH: Jaw dropping parking fail caught in Hull city centre

Female driver of a Vauxhall Vectra struggles to park, allegedly damaging nearby vehicle

WATCH: Jaw dropping parking fail caught in Hull city centre
The embarrassing incident was captured by a bystander at a local cafe.

A bystander caught the cringe-worthy moment a female driver spectacularly fails to park in Hull City Centre, reports The Hull Daily Mail.

Stunned onlookers watched as the driver of the grey Vauxhall Vectra was unable to manoeuvre the diagonal parking lines, after approaching the space at the wrong angle.

The scene was captured by Tony Roberts, who said: “She drove to the dead end, turned around and then proceeded to try to park from the wrong angle.

“As you can see the bays are designed to be driven straight into and then reverse out.”

Tony, who also posted the video to Facebook, commented: “Saw this in town today, she drove off after damaging the guys car, I left a note for him, he has the video evidence now.”

Is this the worst parking fail you’ve ever seen? Share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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