Woman refuses to move from car while on tow truck and wins parking dispute

Determined motorist remained in her car for an hour before police told recovery agent to release the vehicle

Woman refuses to move from car while on tow truck and wins parking dispute
Debbie Ricketts remained inside her car for more than an hour, with the tow truck blocking the road.

A woman who saw that her car was about to be towed away leaped into the driver’s seat as it was being lifted onto a flatbed truck outside her home in north London.

Debbie Ricketts explained that she took matters into her own hands because traffic enforcement officers had been treating the area like a ‘cash cow’.

Police were called to the scene and an order was given for the car to be put back on the road so she could go to work.

“Found my car floating in the air”

Debbie told the Camden New Journal: “I came out of my house to go to work and found my car floating in the air.

“I said can you please put it down, so I can go to work.

‘We had a very civilised conversation, but I thought, I’ve had enough of this.

“I feel persecuted.

“I got in my car and said I’m not leaving.

“I was on my way to work and would have been out of there.

“Instead they created an obstruction for an over an hour.”

Her protest meant she managed to avoid towing bills but still faced a parking ticket for parking in a restricted zone.

The parking bays were closed off for use by construction workers who were working on flats nearby.

In a statement, Camden Council said: “The council requests that, for their own safety, residents in this situation do not climb into their vehicle whilst it is on the removal vehicle.

“Signs have been in place telling of that suspension since late June.

“The resident in question received a penalty charge notice for parking in the bay.”

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