Carbon Clean machines from £29 a week

Generate additional revenue with engine cleaning services in your workshop

Carbon Clean machines from £29 a week

Carbon Clean is this month promoting the benefits of its engine carbon cleaning machines.

Carbon Clean’s engine decarbonising machines use water and cutting-edge HHO engine cleaning technology. 

Each machine uses electrolysis to split water molecules into the composite elements of oxygen and hydrogen to produce oxyhydrogen gas.

A non-evasive procedure whereby the HHO is fed into the engine through the vehicle’s air intake valve to mix with the air and fuel in the combustion chambers of the engine. 

When this mixture ignites the HHO combusts at a much higher temperature than the fuel alone. 

This atomizes the carbon deposits which are expelled, harmlessly, in gaseous form through the exhaust system.

Carbon Clean engine carbon cleaning machines start from £29 per week on finance.

Garage workshops can register their interest online here or select ‘more details’ below for further information.

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