Free gross profit guide for garages

Gain a better understanding and make improvements with free guidance

Free gross profit guide for garages
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Automotive consultancy, Fourmative has produced a free guide to help garage owners better understand gross profit and how to make improvements.

Fourmative has outlined four questions which, for many will not be as straight forward as you would expect.

If you are not sure on the answers or would like to know more, then Fourmative’s free guide will help you understand these calculations.

  1. You buy a product at £3.42 and sell it at £4.99. How much gross profit percentage do you make?
  2. You buy some products at £48.00 per dozen. At what price do you sell them (each) if you want to retain a gross profit of 18 per cent?
  3. You buy a product that retails at £38.52 and you receive a 34 per cent discount off it. At what price do you sell it if you wish to retain a 24 per cent gross profit?
  4. You buy a range of parts at retail less 60 per cent. What discount can you give to potential customers if you wish to retain a 28 per cent gross profit?

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