Lucas Oil additive ‘starter kit’

Four additives bring new upsell opportunities to customer service reception

Lucas Oil additive ‘starter kit’

Lucas Oil is running special offers on its additive starter kit throughout July.

The four additives it contains are leading sellers in the UK, the US, Canada as well as in most European countries.

The starter kit provides opportunities to solve problems, add four new revenue streams and satisfy customers all at the same time.

Heavy duty oil stabilizer adds an extra dimension to engine lubrication because it prevents damage from dry starts.

It does this by ensuring that a film of protection is always left behind once the engine oil has drained down into the sump.

It’s also the perfect additive for the commuter car left in the car park and all family cars used primarily for school runs.

Motor racing teams use it to keep engine wear to a minimum throughout a demanding racing season.

Upper cylinder fuel lubricant is the fuel additive that delivers better ignition, increased power and lower levels of emissions. Results are achieved quickly.

Transmission fix is a fast and inexpensive solution for transmission problems.

As well as sealing leaks and lubricating sticking bands, it helps to stop slipping and extends the life of transmission fluid.

Power steering stop leak is one solution for a range of steering rack issues.

As well as repairing leaks, it reduces slack, and eliminate squeals and hard spots on worn rack and pinions.

The starter kit comes complete with a counter-top demonstrator, that’s an excellent marketing support tool.

Contact your local motor factor for further details.

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