Lucas Oil car care Christmas gift packs

Gift pack includes 'Slick Mist Instant Shine', 'Tire Shine' and 'Interior Detailer'

Lucas Oil car care Christmas gift packs

This month, Lucas Oil is putting the spotlight on its car care Gift Pack.

The vehicle styling kit contains three fast application car care products.

Each pack contains 710 ml of solution, an applicator and a polishing cloth.

‘Slick Mist Instant Shine’ is a silicone-free polymer paint gloss intensifier that can be applied in wet or dry conditions and is also great on glass.

‘Slick Mist Tire Shine’ removes dull, grey oxidation from car tyres, automotive plastics or vinyl and rubber trims.

‘Interior Detailer’ cleans, shines and protects dashboards, consoles, doors and trim.

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