Lucas Oil complete engine treatment

'One stop solution' provides answers to range of potential maintenance issues, Lucas Oil claims

Lucas Oil complete engine treatment

Complete engine treatment is proving to be the MOT preparation favourite as garages begin to catch-up on tests deferred by the lockdown restrictions.

Complete engine treatment provides lubricating protection from a single shot of the same product for either the engine block or the fuel system.

In petrol or diesel fuel systems, complete engine treatment cleans and lubricates every component from the fuel tank to the engine cylinders.

Tars, varnishes and other deposits on valves and cylinder heads are removed.

Upper cylinder walls, compression rings and oil rings are lubricated.

The results are an increase in miles per gallon as fuel burns more efficiently.

Emissions are reduced and lost power is restored.

It’s a product that’s not just associated success when treating borderline emissions failures.

Additional benefits arise when added to almost any engine oil.

Complete engine treatment fortifies the oil and extends its operational lifetime.

Gum and varnishes are reduced and cold temperature fluidity improves.

Greater protection inside the engine from friction and wear increases engine performance.

Users can also expect to notice significant success with engines that are known to burn oil.

Added to both systems, complete engine treatment removes performance inhibiting deposits, protects against corrosion, restores lost power, improves MPG and helps to lower emissions.

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