Lucas Oil diesel EGR and turbo cleaner spray

Ten-minute treatment increases fuel economy and reduces emissions

Lucas Oil diesel EGR and turbo cleaner spray

A solvent-based fast action diesel EGR and turbo cleaner spray is the subject of a discount promotion throughout March, by Lucas Oil.

Diesel EGR and turbo cleaner is quick, easy and low cost toolbox solution to problems with air-intake systems on diesel engines.

For a relatively small investment, this powerful spray cleaner removes carbon, lacquer, tar, varnish deposits and restores engine performance.

The flexible hose between the turbo charger/intercooler and the air intake manifold is removed while a warm engine is idling.

Contact your Lucas Oil distributor directly for full details of local discounts on diesel EGR and turbo cleaner.

Short bursts of spray are directed into the air intake manifold.

In extreme cases, the EGR valve-housing can be removed and the spray directed straight on to the unit itself.

The diesel EGR and turbo cleaner job is completed inside 10 minutes.

Benefits include increased fuel economy a reduction in overall emissions, while treatment can also restore stable idling.

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