Lucas Oil ‘engine oil stabilizer’

Range of solutions to protect engines from 'dry starting'

Lucas Oil ‘engine oil stabilizer’

Lucas Oil is this month promoting a discount offer on its ‘engine oil stabilizer.

A major cause of engine damage is ‘Dry Start’, according to Lucas Oil.

When vehicles are used only sporadically, the oil drains down into the sump. Engine components become dry.

Once the engine is restarted, engine damage becomes likely.

The engine oil stabilizer range maintains a protective film of lubricant over each internal engine component, long after the oil has drained down into the sump.

Contact your Lucas Oil distributor for local discounts.

A Lucas Oil spokesperson said: “It prevents dry starts.

“Less friction, less engine wear, better seal lubrication, smoke reduction and lower emissions are among the additional benefits provided.”

Lucas Oil has three options available.

Low viscosity stabilizer

‘Low viscosity stabilizer’ is a one-shot size engine oil additive formulated ideal for protecting hybrid and hi-performance engines (operating on oils like 0w16, 0w-20, 0w30).

Its ultra-light viscosity formula will not be picked up by viscosity sensors.

Pure synthetic stabilizer

‘Pure synthetic stabilizer’ is designed for any modern diesel or petrol-engine with a synthetic engine oil specification, such as 5w-30 or 5w-40.

Heavy duty stabilizer

‘Heavy duty stabilizer’ is the option for older engines, fitted to everything from classic cars to trucks and tractors. 

“It should be noted that these Lucas Oil engine oil stabilizer formulae can be added with confidence to any type of engine oil, without compromising warranty conditions.”

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