Lucas Oil ethanol fuel treatment

Protects against ethanol in fuel up to 'E85'

Lucas Oil ethanol fuel treatment

Lucas Oil is this month promoting the benefits of its ‘safeguard ethanol fuel treatment’, a product designed to address the chief concerns of ethanol in fuel.

The government is showing clear interest in raising the ethanol content in petrol, so this month Lucas Oil is raising awareness about specific implications for older cars.

More precisely, we are talking about how the potential for change will affect some of the cars being serviced and repaired now.

Ethanol problems

  • Oil contamination by ethanol
  • Implications for fuel economy
  • Fuel hose and seal damage in older vehicles
  • Internal corrosion related to increased water in the fuel system

Lucas Oil also says ethanol adversely affects fuel economy.

It’s hardly noticeable at five per cent, but it may be more acute at ten per cent.

There is simply less heat energy in the same volume of ethanol than there is in petrol.

Ethanol is hydroscopic, which means it pulls water from the air so there is potential for corrosion of metal part inside exhausts, the engine itself and throughout the fuel system.

Oil contamination may be a potential issue, too.

Ethanol also has a corrosive influence on the inside of rubber fuel hoses.

Many older vehicles are at risk.

Minor adjustments in driving habits, such as consolidating short trips into single longer trips when practical might be advisable.

More frequent oil changes may be required.

Car owners need to know that thanks to Lucas Oil a solution is already available, Lucas Oil Products (UK) already supplies ‘safeguard ethanol fuel treatment’, offering protection in levels of up to E85.

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