Portable Common Rail Diesel Test Kit

Portable Common Rail Diesel Test Kit

Save £50 on the CRDi portable common rail diesel test kit from Hickleys – buy for just £545 + VAT !


Common rail diesel systems have become much more common creating an increasing opportunity to offer a test and repair facility. Systems run at extreme pressures and require exact settings to perform at optimum efficiency. The CRDi provides accurate diagnostics of many areas of the diesel fuel system including injector leak back and imbalance, high pressure pump results and low pressure or vacuum supply lines and primer pumps.

Modern vehicles are equipped with onboard self test facilities which can be read by many scan tools – but this does not cover the mechanical parts of the system such as the fuel supply lines. Before replacing diesel injectors or pumps it is advisable to carry out additional checks to confirm the diagnosis.

The CRDi covers Delphi and Bosch fuel systems on a huge range of vehicles and comes complete with all necessary parts to connect to the vehicle.

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Valid : To 31st October 2013

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