Free Boston ‘any post control’ with four-post lift orders

Save £300 and upgrade for free by quoting ‘Garage Wire Offer 31/3'

Free Boston ‘any post control’ with four-post lift orders

Boston Garage Equipment is offering its ‘any post control’ system for free with orders of any four-post lift.

The feature provides unique flexibility for the operator to simply switch from post to post, saving time and money.

The controls automatically isolate other posts when in use providing 100 per cent safety.

Boston’s special offer includes the ‘any post control’ system for free, saving over £300 on most of Boston’s range of four-posters.

The offer is available from all Boston Agents – quote ‘Garage Wire Offer 31/3’.

For further information about ‘any post control’, select ‘more details’ below.

Valid : Available until 31 March 2019.

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