Purifier kills in-vehicle viruses and germs

30-minute treatement kills viruses, germs and eliminates bad odours

Purifier kills in-vehicle viruses and germs

Hickleys is this month promoting a reduced price on ‘The Purifier’ fresh air cleansing machine.

Give your customers vehicles ‘The Purifier’ treatment and use Ozone to kill viruses, germs and eliminate bad odours in the vehicle.

Ozone consists of three contiguous oxygen atoms, therefore referred to as O3, while oxygen (O2) has two contiguous atoms.

‘The Purifier’ creates ozone using short wave ultra violet inside a chamber within the machine.

Ozone is one of the most powerful and effective eliminators of tobacco smoke and many other contaminants, including odours from pets, rodents, moulds, mildew, fast foods, cooking and other sources.

Normally £325.00 + VAT, is currently available from Hickleys for £299.00 + VAT.

  • Treating a vehicle takes just 30 minutes
  • Leaves a medically safer in-car environment
  • Kills bacteria, destroys mould spores
  • Eliminates bad smells and odours, smoke and smokey residues
  • Leaves a refreshed interior
  • Variable electronic timer control with LCD and auto shut off
  • Machine is off when you re-enter treatment area

For further information call 01823 328531, email [email protected] or select ‘more details’ below to go to the Hickleys website.

Valid : Ends May 31, 2020.

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