New pneumatic diesel bleeding kit from Laser Tools

Fast and effective bleeding and priming of diesel fuel systems

New pneumatic diesel bleeding kit from Laser Tools

The new pneumatic diesel bleeding kit combines the Laser Tools 5780 vacuum pneumatic fluid extractor with the 7174 pneumatic diesel bleeding connector kit to offer a complete solution.

The fluid extractor uses standard workshop compressed air to generate a strong internal vacuum.

The connector kit hooks straight up to the fluid extractor, the connectors and adaptors included enabling fitment to many common fuel systems.

This process saves considerable time, particularly where entire fuel lines have been emptied during service or repair.

The strong vacuum will quickly pull the diesel fuel back through the system and even larger fuel filters take just a few seconds to fill.

A useful feature of the kit is the clear disclosure pipe which lets the operator see when the diesel fuel has been bled through.

If you’re working on Ford, PSA or Renault (and certain VW/Audi) vehicles, a useful addition to the above kit is the 12-piece diesel fuel line blank set.

These blanking pieces are designed to stop fuel flow and bleed-back from disconnected fuel pipes.

The set includes six pairs of male and female blanking pieces (covering three different types of connector) and are simply clicked into the disconnected pipe connectors, sealing them off and considerably speeding up the job in hand.

The pneumatic diesel bleeding kit is typically priced at £101.48 + VAT but always check for the best prices and special offers.

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