EHV battery electrolyte spill response kits

Kits launched to deal with lead/acid, lithium and NiMH battevy spillages

EHV battery electrolyte spill response kits

Continuing their on-going development of safety products for Electric & Hybrid vehicle workshops Prosol UK have launched Battery Electrolyte Spill Response Kits.

Available in three different configurations to deal with Lead/Acid, Lithium and NiMH batteries these Spill Response Kits are an essential safety product for all workshops.

Lithium batteries, in particular, present unique risks.

Whilst they do not contain acid there is a significant danger of Hydrofluoric Acid being created when the electrolyte comes into contact with atmospheric moisture or standing water.

Hydrofluoric acid is an extremely hazardous chemical which can cause death when exposed to comparatively small quantities.

Standard absorbents should never be used when dealing with Lithium Battery spills!

The Prosol kit contains an unique acid neutraliser and absorber that incorporates a safe condition indicator so you can see when the spill has been made safe.

The kits contain everything you need to safely deal with spills including; Nitrile Gauntlets, Safety Glasses, PP Apron, Acid Neutraliser with Safe Condition Indicator, Absorbent Chemical Pads and Disposal Bags with ties.

UNIVERSAL spill response kit for LITHIUM & NiMH battery electrolyte: £64.80 + VAT.

Spill response kit for NiMH battery electrolyte: £59.20 + VAT.

Spill response kit for LITHIUM & ACID battery electrolyte: £66.40 + VAT.

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