Get ready for winter with the SIP XD Space Heater collection

Offer prices on selected heaters, perfect for smaller and busy trades such as garages, workshops and factors

Get ready for winter with the SIP XD Space Heater collection
The SIP 50XD is a space heater suited to run on diesel, paraffin or kerosene.

SIP are delighted to offer value prices on selected heaters during the winter months, specifically those in the XD Space Heater collection.

XD heaters perform at a high and stable rate, regardless of which fuel type they are running on.

Smaller, entry-level heaters are compact, lightweight and easy to store, transport, and use.

XD Space Heaters

SIP No. SIP Item Heat Output Heat Area Price
09560 SIP 50XD 50,000 BTU/hr (14.7kW) 350m³ (12,360 cu.ft) £254.99 + VAT
09562 SIP 75XD 75,000 BTU/hr (22.0kW) 530m³ (18,717 cu.ft) £275.99 + VAT
09564 SIP 100XD 100,000 BTU/hr (29.3kW) 700m³ (24,720 cu.ft) £296.99 + VAT
09566 SIP 125XD 125,000 BTU/hr (36.6kW) 900m³ (31,783 cu.ft) £317.99 + VAT
09568 SIP 175XD 175,000 BTU/hr (51.3kW) 1230m³ (43,437 cu.ft) £402.99 + VAT
09570 SIP 215XD 215,000 BTU/hr (63.0kW) 1500m³ (52,972 cu.ft) £445.99 + VAT

Extended performance and a long service life without problems, due in part to their heavy-duty powder-coated finish and all-steel tank construction.

They feature built-in thermostat and digital temperature read-outs, except 09560, and are covered by a 12 month warranty.

For further information about SIP’s heating products, click “more details” below or call 01509 500500.

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