SIP anniversary digital battery charger promotion

SIP are showcasing some of their newest products across all their ranges

SIP anniversary digital battery charger promotion
SIP Startmaster PWT5000 is a digital starter charging unit fitted with industry standard systems.

As part of the release of its 50th anniversary promotion, valid from 1 February 2018, you can now collect a SIP Startmaster PWT5000 digital battery charger for a value price of £346.99 + VAT.

Essential battery charging safety features packed into this compact, lightweight, and durable housing include a versatile charge current selector, digital ammeter, thermal overload and short circuit protection, polarity reversal, an internal fuse, and reliable charge timer.

Key features

  • 230v (13amp) supply.
  • Capable of 350amp boost.
  • Dual voltage – 12.0v / 24.0v.
  • 55.0amp output current (12.0v).
  • 27.5amp output current (24.0v).
  • Digital current regulation in two modes.
  • Ideal for AGM, GEL, calcium, lead acid batteries.
  • Integrated digital ammeter, charge timer.
  • Can start modern motor vehicles, avoiding risk of damage to vehicle electronic devices.
  • Thermal overload and short circuit protection.
  • Equipped with a charge current selector.
  • Polarity reversal and internal fuse.

For more information, call 01509 500500, email [email protected], or click “more details” below.

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