SIP highlights air compressor and air tools range

Compact and industrial compressors available with wide selection of air tools

SIP highlights air compressor and air tools range

With over 50 years of experience and development, SIP’s range of air compressors and air tools range has a comprehensive range of air compressor models.

Whether you’re in need of a small, handy, and compact compressor such as the ‘super boxy’ or ‘super squirrel’ models, or something more heavy-duty like SIP’s range of industrial super models which are available as diesel, petrol and electric.

A number of belt drive or direct drive compressors are available, and make up a large part of the SIP air collection, offering both oil-free and oil-lubricated solutions, and a range of perks that make SIP compressors stand out from the rest.

Perks and benefits you can find in the SIP range include V-Twin aluminium pumps, cast iron barrels, efficient cooling systems, easy-to-read gauges, durable filter cases, robust tanks, shock-resistant flywheel guards and more.

There’s also a number of vertical units, which allow for the same air output as others, but take up less space thanks to their squat receiver, often wheel-mounted designs.

The SIP range of screw and silenced compressors are split into several groups; ‘Mercury Mech’, ‘Mercury Tronic’, and ‘Sirio’.

Each offer unique and heavy-duty specifications, including: ETM II electronic controllers, IE3 premium motors, thermostatic centrifugal fans, POLY-V belts, 95 per cent efficiency, and 100 per cent duty cycle, for the best results available each time.

All of SIP’s air, screw, and silenced compressors are manufactured in Italy, so you can have peace of mind that our units are built from the strongest materials by experienced engineers.

A selection of air tools complements the range of SIP compressors, including impact wrenches, cutting tools, drills, hammers, riveters, sanders, spray guns, sandblasting equipment, and more.

This includes our premium SIP composite range.

For more information, call 01509 500500 or select ‘more details’ below.

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