Vertical space-saving compressors from SIP Industrial Products

Ideal solution for workshops with limited floor space

Vertical space-saving compressors from SIP Industrial Products

Almost 50 years of extensive research and development is behind the complete collection of air compressors, air tools, and accessories.

Included in the SIP range is a number of space-saving and belt-driven vertical air receiver compressors, available in both single and three phase options, which are absolutely perfect for all trade and professional applications, with maximum piston displacement ranging from 13CFM to 24CFM.

These units are fully oil-lubricated and belt-driven, and manufactured from the highest quality materials in Italy, a solid cast iron barrel, a shock-resistant flywheel guard.

Both the VN3/150-SB and VN4/150-SB are also fitted with a reliable aluminium aftercooler and a multi-finned flywheel for increased cooling, plus extra-strong wire mesh belt guards, and supplied with a pressure regulator.

Each unit is fitted with a vertical and space-saving 150 litre squat air receiver, making these compressors not only able to perform optimally with a long service life, but can be easily stored and positioned inside workshops, garages, and facilities where floor space may be restricted.

To find out more about these vertical compressors call SIP on 01509 500500, email [email protected], or select ‘more details’ below.

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