Free Sykes-Pickavant 12 tonne hydraulic hub puller up for grabs

Review the new hydraulic hub puller plate for Garage Wire Views

Free Sykes-Pickavant 12 tonne hydraulic hub puller up for grabs

GW readers are being offered the opportunity to test and review Sykes-Pickavant’s 12 tonne hydraulic hub puller plate.

For a chance to test and review and keep Sykes-Pickavant’s 12 tonne hydraulic hub puller plate for free, email [email protected] along with your name, business name and website.

Sykes-Pickavant has released a new range of hub pulling combinations, all featuring the innovative hub puller plate which uses eight slots for attachment via the existing wheel bolts or studs, offering maximum coverage.

The hub puller plate evolved from Sykes-Pickavant’s popular mechanical hub puller which was superseded due to the introduction of varying stud patterns to modern vehicles.

The new design is ideal for the removal of hubs and driveshafts on modern passenger vehicles as well as LCVs featuring stud patterns which weren’t previously catered for.

Versatility is guaranteed with a range of kit options to best suit the application.

The master kit includes a slide hammer, force screw and 12-tonne ram, all of which can also be purchased individually with the hub puller plate.

The plate can also be purchased as a standalone option for users who already have the slide hammer, force screw or ram and can be added to as and when required by purchasing the appropriate components.

The hydraulic option features a 12-tonne ram and provides effective removal of stubborn hubs and driveshafts.

By using the ram, as opposed to the slide hammer, the operation is completed by pushing against the driveshaft, which is also possible using the force screw for lighter duty applications.

Review status: This tool is currently being reviewed.

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