Sykes-Pickavant Brake Pro bleeders offer efficiency and safety

Professional brake bleeding made easy with electronically controlled models in portable and workshop sizes

Sykes-Pickavant Brake Pro bleeders offer efficiency and safety

Mechanics can now choose from two new, high-quality electronic brake bleeders from Sykes-Pickavant. Available in 20L and 60L capacities, these bleeders offer portability and workshop convenience.

Designed for reliability and safety

Built for durability, these fully electronic brake bleeders are designed to handle precise bleeding tasks. Both models feature:

  • Adjustable vacuum: 0.5-4.5 bar (7 to 65 psi) for precise control.
  • Automatic master cylinder reservoir levelling for a smooth bleeding process.
  • Automatic shut-off for empty waste containers or abnormal pressure detection, ensuring safety.

Perfect for every need

  • 20L Portable bleeder: Ideal for on-the-go brake bleeding jobs. Its compact size and portability make it perfect for roadside assistance or mobile mechanics.
  • 60L Workshop bleeder with trolley: This larger capacity model is ideal for workshop use. The integrated trolley provides easy manoeuvrability around the garage.

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