Win this Unilite winter warmer bundle

Prizedraw giveaway includes everything you need to stay warm and see as the cold, dark nights arrive

Win this Unilite winter warmer bundle

Unilite’s winter warmer bundle includes a 500 lumen PS-IL5R inspection light, a BE-02TH Thinsulate lined beanie light, a thermos flask to keep your brew warm, a notepad, an air freshener and a work bag to keep it all in.

For a chance to win the bundle, enter the prize draw by emailing your name, business name and address to [email protected].

Unilite have been at the forefront of industrial lighting for many years.

Founded back in 1981 gives Unilite a wealth of knowledge and experience which helps them to be the number one choice for mechanics in the UK.

As part of their offering, they provide lights for any number of situations.

This could be through: headlights; inspection lights; site lights; or more conventional torches.

It was through this experience that they created the Beanie light.

There have been many copies and imitations of this innovative product which have now flooded the market.

These often haven’t been through the same rigorous testing rituals that Unilite Beanies have been through and will often fall to pieces in no time at all.

If you want the best, then you should forget the rest and stick with Unilite; a family owned British brand.

To enter the prize draw, email your name, business name and address to [email protected].

Valid : Competition closes November 30, 2018.

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