“Carry on testing”, says DVSA

MOT centres may continue testing with these precautions

“Carry on testing”, says DVSA
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Testing stations may stay open and carry out MOTs on cars if they wish to do so, it has been revealed.

While the DVSA has now extended the MOT expiry date for cars, vans and motorcycles due from 30 March 2020, those that run-out before 30 March still require testing.

Vehicle owners who are not self-isolating may book an MOT at any test centre.

The DVSA advises owners of vehicles that have run out of MOT while in self-isolation to book an MOT test after their period of self-isolation is over.

Those who are extremely vulnerable from coronavirus must not take their vehicle for its MOT.

If a vehicle’s first MOT was due before 30 March 2020 and it did not pass, it won’t get an extension to its MOT due date.

Speaking to MOT Tester, head of MOT policy at the DVSA, Chris Price said car owners should only take their car for an MOT if it is the only vehicle available to them and its MOT is about to expire.

Households with another car which has a valid MOT available to them should use that instead.

Covid-19 precautions

It’s also been revealed that testing stations may carry-out tests “behind closed doors” in light of the current lockdown situation in the UK.

It means they do not have to allow customers into the viewing or reception areas as is usually required under the regulations.

In a bid to minimise contact, the DVSA’s requirement to provide paperwork is being waived if preferred by the MOT business.

BREAKING: MOT due dates to be extended by six months

Are you still carrying out MOTs? Share your comments and experiences below.

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    Mel Hakhnazarian

    I have shut the doors to my business on the 24th and sent the staff home for a minimum of 2 weeks paid. This is due to safety concerns for myself, my staff and my customers. We are in a high risk business, we are dealing with customers face to face, touching their keys, inner and outer door handles to their vehicles, their steering wheel, parking brake & other controls, gear selector, seat belts, almost everything that they’ve touched. This virus is being passed onto our tools, into our reception areas, onto telephones, computer keyboard, the PDQ machine and even worse into other customers vehicles. There is a higher risk of being an MOT tester as you’re touching everything. Gloves & masks don’t stop the spread. There’s no anti bacterial wipes or sanitiser left in the shops, I know as I’ve tried buying them for weeks! Safer at home then sick at work. I’ve cancelled over 100 jobs, half were MOT’s, we need the government to offer MOT grace for everyone, going for an MOT is not a necessary venture with limited vehicles on the road. How are customers going to pay for an MOT if they’re not in the reception area? who thinks up this nonsense, these are the rules;

    Only go outside for food, health reasons or work (where this absolutely cannot be done from home)
    Stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people (touching someone’s car is the same as shaking hands)
    Wash your hands as soon as you get home

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    Chris Edwards

    Yet they stop the testing of lorries, trailers and buses for 3 months?

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    Being a garage owner who wants to keep open and earning to make a living this means for the next 6 months all MOT stations will have ZERO work?

    I do hope its easy to claim this loss of earnings from the government…

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    We are still testing and following all the government guidelines on social distancing, cleaning, washing etc.
    We were quite busy until the announcement for the extension to expiry dates, after which more than 50% of bookings have cancelled and today no new bookings have been made. Looks certain that we will close next week.
    Before this announcement we were able to support all our staff and continue to offer a service to customers many of whom are front line workers. We were able to do this whilst strictly observing all recommendations given by the government. This will now have to stop.

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    if we don’t test for 6 months will we be required to do a demonstration test ??

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    Les Asquith

    We are living in a nightmare situation made worse by halfwits like Chris Price. They are still on full pay causing serious problems for the motor trade as usual, l wouldn’t pay them in washers. After 55 years in the trade it’s nice to be able to let dvsa know the ill feeling that they stir up, so up yours dvsa.
    Les Asquith
    Authorised Examiner, retired.

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    mark ivinson

    We have been told from York council we can not get any rates relief or grants.
    I run 2 mot and repair garages with 12 staff.
    We closed Thursday night as everyone cancelled for the foreseeable future.
    We are in real trouble.

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    Gary Vickers

    I own a family run Business and understand why people are happy to stay home and others want to be at work. We up until the announcement were very busy but been having MOTs Cancel left right and centre, so we could have afforded to keep our staff on but now looks like they will have to stop working as of this week.(imagine all the death traps on the road from now on).
    The big issue is the 6 month test so will this be reviewed if we get back to work as a nation sooner or does 6 months mean 6 months
    Basically we have Been screwed as an industry.
    But people be SAFE and hopefully this will end soon.

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    We’re still open & testing. Taking all precautions including ventilating and disinfecting vehicles before and after we work on them, using PPE, no waiting appointments, remote key drop, payment over the phone, contacless collection & delivery. Customers are being sensible and patient + appreciate that we are here to help as many of them need their car as their lifeline & are concerned if the car is safe & if insurance would pay out if they were to have an accident with not MOT.

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    its not just 6 months is it cos if the mot runs out on say 1st september it will be extended until 1st march 2021 so it will affect garages for atleast 12 months.

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