Feather Diesel reveals injector reman process and warns garages not to buy on price

Lack of universal build specifications from OE manufacturers means huge variations in aftermarket quality

Feather Diesel reveals injector reman process and warns garages not to buy on price
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Urging garages to use an authorised repairer and to avoid assumption that remanufactured injectors are the same, Feather Diesel Services has revealed its injector remanufacturing process.

Managing director at Feather Diesel Services, Jeff Morley said: “There will be lots of common elements of best practice in ensuring all injectors are fully dismantled, cleaned and rebuilt with new nozzle, cap nut and original service parts.

“But the exact regimes are individual to the component manufacturer, so after repair, we’ll run Delphi injectors on their specified test bench to check fuel delivery and calibration figures closely match the performance of a new injector.

“DENSO insist injectors are dismantled, cleaned and re-built in an air-conditioned pressurised clean-room to prevent dirt contaminating the injector nozzle.

“Even the tiniest specs can cause injectors to stick and leak fuel.

“Most repairers just won’t have that capability – there are only five DENSO approved remanufacturers in England.

“Bosch has done a lot to try and improve traceability lately.

“We now barcode and register repaired injectors so anyone working on the vehicle in future can scan and trace the job.

“The intention is positive but it can still operate to the detriment of the professionals.

“We’re producing the same complete remanufacture we always did but now have some extra processes adding cost, whilst the unscrupulous or ignorant repairers can skip registration.

“Unfortunately, the reality remains that words like ‘remanufactured’ or ‘reconditioned’ for diesel engine components mean exactly what each supplier decides they should, making it almost impossible to accurately appraise quality and value.

“The root cause of the problem is a lack of universal build specifications from the OE manufacturers.

“Until they define exactly what should be done to remanufacture, then nobody’s definitively right or wrong and garages can keep falling into the trap of assuming it’s all the same and just look at price.”

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