Glasgow garage owner staying at workshop in camper to do his bit

Staff sent home but owner remains to protect family, service key worker vehicles and finish outstanding jobs

Glasgow garage owner staying at workshop in camper to do his bit

A garage owner has vowed to sleep in a campervan at his garage so he can continue to service the vehicles of key workers, the BBC has reported.

Alan Knox, owner of Knox Brothers in Glasgow, has sent his nine-strong workforce home in response to the UK’s coronavirus outbreak.

He’s now staying at his workshop, which is located next to Hairmyres hospital in East Kilbride, to work through any outstanding jobs and protect his own family.

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He said: “I felt it was right to send the staff home, but we’ve got a lot of doctors and nurses’ cars booked in already so I will work through those jobs myself.

“I’ve also got a lot of retired medics who use the garage and they’re getting called up too.

“Given we’re so close to the hospital, I thought it was important we tried and stayed open given the uncertainty for everyone on the frontline.”

Is your garage staying open to help key workers stay roadworthy? Share your comments below.

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