Video: V-Tech mobile brake testing live installation

Step-by-step tutorial highlights features of BM20200

Video: V-Tech mobile brake testing live installation
BM20200 is used directly on the workshop floor, with no civil work needed.

Garage equipment specialist V-Tech Commercial has released a new live installation video of their BM20200 mobile commercial brake tester arriving at Sheehan Site Services.

Sheehan Site Services, based in Southall, offer a range of freight servicing, repairs and diagnostics.

They had been looking for a space-saving solution for their workshops.

V-Tech Commercial says the BM20200 combines the simplicity of a robust design that’s easy to assemble and cutting-edge electronic technologies.

It’s approved by TÜV Germany, meets ISO standard and is DVSA approved for ATF testing.

The video shows just how the mobile commercial brake tester can be moved around by only one person, without the aid of heavy lifting equipment.

It suits a wide range of heavy vehicle drive types with axle loads of up to 20,000 kg.

BM20200 also features infrared remote control, service line and cylinder air pressure measurement as well as automatic axle weighing.

‘Flexcheck’ software and a tablet for remote testing are included and there’s also a diagnostic printout connection.

“It’s an ideal solution for workshops where space is at a premium or where customers value the flexibility of using it in different locations,” said Chris Phipps, head of sales at V-Tech Ltd.

The mobile display is then placed in front of the tester; ‘drive on’ ramps are folded up and down so it can be stored again in just minutes.

BM brake testers were chosen by DVSA to be used in all UK test stations that are operated directly by DVSA.

Director John Sheehan said: “We had the opportunity to use V-Tech’s BM20200 mobile brake tester at our garage and we thought it was a fantastic piece of kit.

“It was absolutely brilliant to use; very easy set up and use throughout the whole test so we highly recommend it.”

For more information about V-Tech’s workshop solutions, click ‘more details’ below.

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