Opinion: Maybe the DVSA is just getting better at identifying MOT fraud?

GW columnist, Luke Robinson considers the reasons behind the rise

Opinion: Maybe the DVSA is just getting better at identifying MOT fraud?
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The latest DVSA figures showing a sharp rise in fraudulent MOT activity is really disheartening to hear.

Luke Robinson of Marchwoods Motor Engineers in Folkestone.

In an industry where trust has always been a big issue, why do some people think it’s acceptable to MOT a vehicle that they have never even seen?

As is often the case, the minority spoil it for the majority.

When I say minority, it really is a tiny minority.

Of almost 30 million yearly tests, just 1300 counts of fraud represents just 0.0043 per cent.

But a tabloid journalist could easily spin this by just focusing on the huge rise in reported cases.

However, I do wonder whether the reported figure is actually a real rise?

This is the number of cases reported.

With computerisation the DVSA are just getting better at finding these cases.

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If my theory is correct, the amount of fraud is falling and the percentage of found cases is rising.

Make no mistake, the DVSA plan to find even more of these fraudulent cases and this can only be a good thing.

These reported cases surely must be related to the recent DBS check requirement for new and returning testers as of April.

I know this may not be popular with everyone, but it shows a commitment from the DVSA to stamp out as much fraud and criminal activity as possible.

With an ageing car parc, we should see a modest rise in MOT numbers.

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Couple that with a shortage of testers and for nine, maybe ten months of the year there are more MOTs than most of us can handle.

The other two months will offer a little respite and will balance out over the next few years anyway.

We are essentially responsible for road safety.

For the few that dabble in MOT malpractice, just remember that you’re not only gambling with your career, but with lives too.

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  1. This is wrong because they still allow people who have been sent to prison for serious infringement s once their suspension is passed and back on the test system to carry on

  2. As a mot tester I’m the only one who test’s at my garage so I know what’s going on . These people who do fraudulent mots must be crazy as it covers the running costs of my business such as wages rent and so on and I’m all for road safety these people who do these kind of tests should and hopefully will be eradicated from testing when you think the volume of vehicles on our roads 24 hrs a day I say get rid of bad testers and keep the good ones as I would say that 95% of us are good keep up the good work good testers and get rid of the bad ones dvsa? They do a good job for keeping our roads safe I’m all for them. And if you get a 5 year cessation you should never get your testers license back as in never because they will do the same thing again?

  3. I know of one who got 6 months prison food he’s still testing they can’t stop them from testing after the suspension is finished or they can get sued


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