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    The DVSA is to work with Department for Transport “to determine how the MOT system can be adjusted to cover outstanding safety recalls”, it has emerged.

    An online recall checker tool was launched by the DVSA in February 2018 but an estimated one in 13 cars in the UK is still subject to an outstanding recall. To address the problem the agency has revealed that it is investigating whether the recall checker tool can be introduced as part of the MOT.

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    It can take a while to get a recall done particularly if the original notice was years previously and unusual parts are required. It also requires a franchised dealer and they are reducing in number.
    I would suggest that a recall was an advisory item but if still not completed 1 year later automatically becomes a major fail.

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    I think that this would be a good thing to do, as long as it is done when you log on the car for the mot, and is not to long winded, a lot of customers cant be bothered to go to the dealers to have the work carried out, so this might just force them to do it for there own good, like the mot does with the repairs.

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    Long over due and good idea as long as the system is integrated into the current IT system.

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    Peter Miles

    A good idea in theory. In practice I have never had a customer go to the dealers for free recall work without coming back with a whole list of other items which need paid for attention urgently. I do warn my customers about this and will happily look at anything the dealer has reported. Generally nothing of concern at all!

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    Philip Dunmore

    How would a tester know if a recall has been completed. We can check for outstanding recalls but as far as I know there is no way to check which vehicles have been done. Database would need to be updated by dealer or manufacturer. Sounds iffy to me…

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    If a recall isn’t flagged up as an advisory, there’s the risk of the customer going to a dealer for the fix and the MOT. Another loss of revenue for the independent.

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    It is essential that recalls are an advisory (perhaps with a time limit).
    When a dealer carries out a recall it can be days or weeks before it appears on the manufacturer database.

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    Tom Pettitt

    in theory ok but i have looked to see how easy it is to look up specific cars due in my workshop.
    cant find it on DVSA. so if i cant check a car when i book it in then it fails then customer waits 2 weeks for dealer and a list of other faults. meanwhile i have lost time and potentially customer has no mot. or does it fail next mot if recall not done. like a reminder. please put be right if i am wrong.

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    Andy Reynolds

    It would seem sensible to link recalls to the central computer alongside Ownership, Insurance, MOT and Tax.The new/owner could then be informed of outstanding safety recalls, this would then be the owners responsibility to have the recall carried out, this trial could then be followed if the owner does not have the recall carried out and continues to drive an unsafe vehicle. If it was on the computer base it would easily be flagged up to police or DVSA when doing vehicle checks

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    • tells you if a vehicle has tax and MOT.
    • tells you if vehicle has MOT also MOT history and outstanding recalls.

    Why not merge the two sites so that all the info you need is in one place?

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