Consumers urged to buy Diesel (again) as latest models are cleaner than ever

Latest batch of diesels would actually help towns and cities meet their emissions targets, claims expert

Consumers urged to buy Diesel (again) as latest models are cleaner than ever

Diesel cars could still have a place in achieving air quality targets, according to new data.

The research found that the majority of the latest diesel cars were achieving emissions targets that will not be legally binding until 2020.

New data from the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) found that 270 new diesel models introduced across Europe “performed well bowl” nitrogen oxide (NOx) limited under the new real driving emissions test (RDE).

Under the test, key pollutants such as nitrogen oxide and particulates, which can be carcinogenic, are all measured while the car is driven on public roads in various different conditions.

Secretary general of ACEA, Erik Jonnaert claimed that the latest diesel cars will “play a strong role” in cities and towns achieving these goals.

Significantly cleaner

Jonnaert said that if motorists started buying diesel cars again then it would actually help towns and cities meet their emissions targets.

He said: “These new findings prove that modern diesel cars, supported by fleet renewal policies and combined with alternative powertrains, will play a strong role in helping cities move towards compliance with air quality targets.

“In parallel, diesel vehicles will continue to remain important for reducing CO2 emissions in the short and medium term, even though all manufacturers are expanding their offer of electrically-chargeable cars.”

“Auto makers have made major investments to quickly deliver these massive reductions in NOx emissions.

“Stop demonising diesel”

“It is important that we stop demonising diesel technology as a whole. Instead, we need to differentiate between the old diesel fleet and the latest generation of vehicles.”

However, latest vehicle manufacturer data shows that sales of new diesel cars have tumbled by more than a fifth in October and significantly year on year.

Volvo announced that it would not be introducing more new diesel cars post it’s V60 launch and Subaru, Suzuki and Porsche have also declared that it has ditched diesel due to a lack of demand.

Do you think diesel still has a place and believe it’s being unfairly demonised or do you support calls to ban diesels from our cities? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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    Tim Thornbury

    I convert vans into Camper vans and this year we have had many many customers walk away because
    they think a Diesel is such a bad vehicle.
    But few petrol vans exist, so really having a bad effect on my business.
    Please can the government be a bit more careful in what they actually say !!.
    The Euro 6 diesels are so clean !!.

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    craig ford

    We need to get with the times and current situation. Burning of fossils needs to stop and stop now. No diesels, no petrols, no hybrids. BEVs are more than capable when battery technology and renewable technology have the required investment. New diesels have a place in the short term but only for long distance journeys.

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    Anyone advocating completely for electric vehicles is ignorant if they think they are being environmentally friendly.

    There are so many fallacies in the thought process. Most batteries used in EVs utilize lithium ion technology. Mining lithium is a very energy intensive process that also causes extreme amounts of pollution. Lithium is usually found along with other heavy metals, which result in lots of pollution. It has gotten so bad that even China with their lack of regulatory oversight has even started cracking down on lithium mining.

    Also, where do people think the electricity is coming from to charge the batteries?!?! Many of the power plants are utilizing fossil fuels. Take all this into account and a clean diesel is really better for the environment than an EV!

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    Blake.. You do realise Lithium only accounts for 7% of the entire battery pack don’t you…
    And you fail to realise how “energy intensive it is to actually make the diesel, let alone transport it to the pumps even before you get chance to put it in your vehicle..
    I think you need to do some fresh research on what you are talking about there because you seem to have the end of a stick that is way out of date.
    41% of the UK’s electricity supply now comes from renewable sources for a start.

    I’m 100% with Craig Ford here.. We need to stop making unfounded excuses and make the change becuase that “window of opportunity they talk about is getting rapidly smaller and at some point worrying about what car to drive to work will be the least of the human races issues.

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    Here you go blake, get your ears and brain round this small bit of info and then realise having proved electric cars are cleaner to drive, even scrapping your current one and buying a new one.. you should then realise he never added on the carbon /Co2 cost of making the fuel AT ALL….

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