Independent forced to close after second raid by thieves

Owner brands crooks as "scum of the earth" after stealing over £30,000 worth of tools putting him out of business

Independent forced to close after second raid by thieves
Crooks gained access to the workshop and tens of thousands of pounds worth of kit.

The owner of Carl’s Car & Commercial in Lancashire has said he’s been forced to close after being raided by crooks for the second time.

Carl Trezise said thugs had got into the garage through a bathroom window before stealing tools, totalling an estimated value of more than £30,000.

The burglary took place in the early hours of December 9.

MrTrezise said: “The thieves got in through the back of the building by ripping off the window frame of the bathroom and getting in through there.

“They’ve then smashed my toolbox and taking all the tools in there.

“I’d estimate they have a value of roughly £30,000 to £35,000.”

Tools taken include spanners, torches, snap on impact guns, ratchets and a battery charger.

It is the second time the garage has been broken into after thieves also stole high-power tools worth £10,000 on New Year’s Eve last year.

Mr Trezise said: “I’ve had to spend money on replacing all those tools only for them to be stolen again.

“I now have no money to replace the tools and Christmas is round the corner.

“So I’ve been left with no choice but to close the garage.

“To open up again, it depends on whether I can get the money for new tools.”

Mr Trezise branded the perpetrators as the ‘scum of the earth’.

“They’ve put me out of business”

He added: “I can’t carry on working.

“They’ve put me out of business.

“We’re hardworking people and I work six days a week 12 hours a day and don’t claim benefits and provide for my family.

“So these people really are the scum of the earth.”

A police spokesman said: “This was reported to us on November 9 (Sunday) at 3.50pm.

“The person who reported it had gone into the garage and found it had been ransacked with tools and keys stolen.

“The perpetrators had forced the locks off the doors of the garage.

“The incident is being investigated.”

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    was this reported to police one month before the theft ?

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    Ken Ashton

    Get insured !!!! You must have road risk so extend cover to all the other things that can bring financial crisis .

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    Eddie Bamber

    Was there no alarm system installed ?

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