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    The family behind Binley Woods Service Centre has spoken out to tell “our side of the story” after being fined £1,500, ordered to pay prosecution cost
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    prof h

    what is bigger Major or full, in my humble opinion the sites offering fixed price work, we fix any car, who can fix my car and so on, offer 3 service choices

    there is no such thing anymore , cars are serviced according to manufacturers guidelines and are quoted in the same way

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    Firstly, what sort of FULL service can you offer for £130. Even a minor / oil change service has got to be in that ball park for the smallest of cars once you’ve factored in wages, training, tooling, operational costs such as lighting, heating, waste disposal etc. People who “give” away our services are undermining this industry. And as prof H says what is the difference between MAJOR and FULL. Secondly, I can’t believe trading standards are operating a sting without previous cause for concern. either deliberately misleading or just not doing what’s been charged for. It’s nothing to do with quality control, just good honest business. Grrrrr I need to go and lie down in a dark room.

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    Peter Miles

    What we can’t tell from this article is what was actually on the car at it’s age/mileage. Where things like the fuel filter, timing belt (if fitted) and plugs due to be replaced or not? Was any previous service history available (that’s always the first thing I ask for from a new customer)?
    But I do think the whole fixed price for a particular “style” of service is crazy. My customers get what is DUE on that service along, obviously, with any extra work found to be needed like pads, discs or suspension parts for instance.
    And I totally agree with prof h above.

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    nick seabrook

    When quoting for a “full service” I often hear the gasps from the enquirer, usually because they have been told they can get a “full service” else where often for as little as £90.00.
    I’m sure we’ve all seen the service check sheets used by garages (if their even using one) quoting these sort of prices (check air filter,check pollen filter, check spark plugs etc). Full service eh? This is misleading and is why the customers bill often ends up being way over what the price quoted, this is one reason where customer confidence is often lost and mistrust in our trade is fuelled.

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    Eddie Bamber

    Many years ago when I worked at a dealer, we would service a car at 6,000 miles. We would clean the spark plugs, blow out the air filter and check all the levels etc. At 12,000 miles we would replace all those components as well as change the oil and filter. What’s the difference between a ‘full’ and ‘major’ service ?. To me, they’re both the same. I would prefer ‘intermediate’ and ‘full’ or ‘major’. Even then I would have a menu board of what was included with each. The customer needs to be clear in his own mind what he is getting for his money.

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    we used to do a small service (oil and filter and check over) full service (same but change all filters) and major would include brake fluid, gearbox/diff fluid change etc. Nowadays service intervals are totally different so I just go by what is due on the mileage and what the manufacturer says should be done taking previous history into account of course.

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    anthony w edwards

    An oil change and a check over is not a full or major service. It is a minor or interim service.

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    Alan Barton

    What the garage has explained as a full service is what we do on interim service and we call a major service a full service and it is all the filters & fluids wheels off brake inspection & full mechanical inspection. I have never heard an interim service described as a full service anywhere here and abroad where I have worked. I would say trading standards are right in this case.

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    When these cases crop up, however large or small, even just a customer suing a garage or a garage suing a customer for non payment caused by some argument over the bill or whatever, largely the court ( district judge ) comes down on the side of the customer. Largely this is because, IMO, he, the district judge , knows nothing about the subject, the ins and outs of the job / repair etc…only what he’s been told by usually a very over-egged case put forward by the customer. Let’s face it, how many district judges knows the ins and outs of car repair etc…but he does know about about being a customer /consumer.. like millions of general people.
    You have to have a rock solid case to win over ‘poor’ customers / consumers these days who expect everything for next to, or even, nothing !

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    What sort of full service does not include things like air, pollen or fuel filters?

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