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    More than half of car owners say they have been left confused and unsure about a vehicle fault following a visit to a garage with 56 per cent misunder
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    I understand the problem. We have no way of knowing how knowledgeable a customer is.
    We explain things in a concise manner, we are happy to give a more detailed or simpler explanation if the customer asks but they never do.
    I have to say that in my experience the RAC have the same problem !

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    Jaguar land rover are sods for accrnims.

    Besides customer brings car in “making loud noise”

    Easy to get across to customer

    “Your exhaust is f**ked, a new one is £xyz, do you want it doing”

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    Eddie Bamber

    As a roadside Patrol, I would tell our customers that I would explain the fault to them in very simple terms but I didn’t want to come across as being patronising. If they had a snapped timing belt for example, I would show them one that I had in my van and explain the damage it causes and show them a bent valve. I would give them a ball park figure for a repair (because they always ask you) but tell them that they would need an exact quote from their chosen repairer. They would then be in the picture. I would go on to explain that I would write them a breakdown report for the garage which would contain a lot of technical detail which they might not understand but the garage will. As a business, if you are open and honest with your customers then they will recommend you to their friends – that’s how you grow your reputation and your business and gain the trust of your customers.

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    I wish there were more like you !
    Some out there just take a wild guess.
    Drivers tend to believe the hero who rescues them from the hard shoulder which makes it difficult to convince them that the roadside diagnosis is totally wrong (even when the reality is cheaper).

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