Mechanic jailed for 18 months over £210,000 tax fraud

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    A South Lanarkshire mechanic who did not declare all his earning as sole proprietor of Milton MOTs has been jailed for 18 months. [See the full post at: Mechanic jailed for 18 months over £210,000 tax fraud]

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    Mark Bradbury

    I’ve just called the fraud hot line about Costa, Google and Amazon but they said these companies use good accountants and its very time consuming to take these giants on if they don’t pay there correct amount of tax. Far easier to nail a small time mechanic.

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    Eddie Bamber

    I’m not condoning tax fraud, but well said Mark.

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    chris sanderson

    So instead of an attachment to earnings where he would pay the tax back-he has been given free bed and board for 18 months.
    He will probably also learn more about tax avoidance schemes in his free hotel.

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    So the tax payer will foot his bill for his keep. I am told it costs about £5,000 per week for stay in prison, so If I do the maths it will cost £360,000 plus £210,000 in lost fraud earnings equals a whopping £570,000 plus court costs.

    The psychology of being away from family is traumatic. Further to this when released from prisond he will have no business to go to and sadly by given a criminal record who will employ him. Hopefully he will not need rehabilation and housing. So in all of this who is the real loser and is this real justice. Agreed no one is above the Law and all earnings must be declared and due taxes paid.

    In my opinion Instead of the courts punishing and depriving him of his dignity surely Hmrc could have come to some form of agreement whereby he would be allowed to run his business and paid off the tax owing with fines by monthly terms. This way the tax payer would have hugely benefitted. Closing down a business is not the answer. Again, what about huge tax evasion by large Corporate Companies running in millions of pounds.
    By contrast there are far worst crimes committed with far less punishment.

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    anthony roe

    I Totally agree with you Saidy they have just made a example of him instead of looking at the bigger picture.

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    I agree with all the above comments. Prison is not that bad. You can have a tv and an xbox if your willing to have the wifi disabled and pay for it. Three meals a day and lots of rest and sleep. It would be better for our nation to have recovered the lost revenue and to make the fat cat’s that get away with far more pay their share. In these hard time’s the authorities need to do the maths and get the right result.

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