MOT security cards to be phased out

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    The DVSA is adding an additional way to authenticate MOT testing service logins from early next year. An official smart phone will generate a six-digi
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    using the app would be good if you can make it only work on the mot station network. stopping many from access the app from a layby and doing illegal mots, or enabling the gps to allow dvsa to pinpoint the location of the device the app is on at time of test.

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    mark mitchell

    vosa is been told this will not work due to the fact a lot of employers ban phones in the work place so it will have too be on the mot station network and not mobile phone app

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    If mobile phone app no thanks, other apps are sometimes are naughty looking at phone numbers texts etc. Probably only work on newest iShit anyway

    Don’t people have 10 finger prints, face id, ni numbers
    Or even a usb key/dongle!

    Atm most if not all take a photo as your using them do the same

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    Using mobile phones in the work place is
    Dangerous, mistakes will be made , we aren’t allowed our phones due to Heath and safety

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    My Nokia 6310i doesn’t do ‘aps’ so what happens now?
    Will I be stopped from testing?

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    Scooby doo

    I think it’s a good idea we need to go with the modern day times only thing I suggest is for the app to work you have to be on the internet of the site so will only work on the sites I p address this would tighten up on security issues then you have to be at the correct station to test

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)


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