Thief crushed to death while stealing catalytic converter

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    A man has been crushed to death while attempting to steal a catalytic converter under the cover of darkness after breaking into a garage compound in S
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    Jonny Bravo

    Hahahahaha serves the smack head right, one less drain on the economy and once less smack rat thieving scrote on the streets!!!! No sympathy………….

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    Serves the thieving bastard right,We do not go into business with all the risks and rules and regulations to have a worthless person like this effect our businesses,These type of people do not care what the effect of their thieving and damage does.

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    James Walpole

    Hearty agree with the above comments

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    Steve Shinnick

    Irrespective of the wrong doing I would much prefer individuals to go to Court for punishment than the mortuary. I trust someone is grieving the loss of the deceased.

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    Well said Steve !

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    I think the Astra belongs to Charles Darwin…

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    Paul Taylor

    Here’s a thought in our present PC correct world!! Yawn!! how long before health and safety stick their ore in and take you to court for not leaving him the correct tools and safety equipment for him to correctly carry out what he was doing, or worse he may have cut his little finger climbing over the fence and sue you for damages unfortunately it’s not unheard of. Sorry I agree no sympathy you run the wire you take what comes unfortunately for him it was the ultimate price

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    these guys who steal from others are a drain our society causing us all countless pain and suffering from the financial loss they inflict. Like any job the one of thief has an associated job description within his it would have mentioned you will be beat up badly if caught, you may run risk of injury or death because you’re being an arse++++_

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)


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