Vehicles failing MOT in record numbers over emissions

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    Almost 1.3 million vehicles failed their MOT last year because of faults relating to exhaust emissions, new data suggests. A Freedom of Information (F
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    Alan Sutor

    Hardly a surprise is it – they started testing diesel cars to the homologation value which is, in most cases, significantly lower than the legal limit for when that vehicle was built. We are effectively testing to a ‘brand new’ standard on this aspect. Imagine if we failed every car which didn’t have brand new tyres fitted? There would be uproar but here we are doing it for diesel emissions.

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    We have little experience of this increase .
    We recommend customers to take their car for a 10 mile drive before coming in for an MOT providing it is legal to do so. We make sure the engine is at full operating temperature before testing.
    This seems to avoid the hassle of failures where there is no real fault.

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    Local garage do repairs in morning mot in afternoon.

    Every time is cold and not fully warm, so book for pm test, rag down road
    Third gear 3000 rpm first

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    Personally I blame our mot tester Eddie Hitler. He probably failed every single one himself?

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    Perhaps “Eddie Hitler” got confused and put the probe up the wrong bottom, and got emissions reading from something else!

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    This is good news, MOT test standards are being adhered to and people who shouldnt have a diesel will get a vehicle more suited to their needs. Doing shopping once a week in a diesel is never going to end well and emissions failing is a good tell tale of this. Sooner there are more BEVs on the road, the better.

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    Craig, buddy.

    How is that? Some of these electric cars, parts are once only
    So you have to order new parts to come from other side of the world.

    You crash one and catches fire, hard to putout.

    Did see an amusing Tweet two transit vans, 3 months old recovered in
    Due to blocked dpf only doing 2 miles a day

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    Neil Skuse

    The biggest issue we find is Diesel Vehicles are pottering around town and just building up carbon in the exhaust system and when they are in for MOT are failing badly.We are having to carry out numerous carbon cleans to pass the levels required.

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    Carry out lots of carbon cleaning is going to pump out more in that test than what driver does in a year.

    Had car in the other day, gulf IV tdi
    Was testing what V max in 1st gear was, exhaust was full of neat diesel
    Smoking like hell

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