£37k Merc abandoned on Birmingham tracks

City centre tram network forced to a stop for five hours

£37k Merc abandoned on Birmingham tracks
The disruption in early November was thought to be caused by a Mercedes C-Class Coupe.

A Telford man, suspected of drink driving, has been arrested after a Mercedes was found abandoned on a tram network between Birmingham’s Grand Central station and Wolverhampton. reports the Mirror.

The 66-plate Merc, believed to be a C-class Coupe worth £37,000, caused services to be stopped for five hours, while a crew from West Midlands Fire service, a technical rescue team and Midland Metro engineers worked to remove the blockage.

A spokesman from the Midland Metro said: “We were alerted before 07:00 AM that a car was on the tracks between Saint Chad’s and Saint Paul’s tram stops.

“This meant trams were only able to operate from Wolverhampton to St Paul’s.

“Services started running all the way to Grand Central again at 1:00 PM.”

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